The project has moved to SourceForge. Please get in to #uqm on to find out the details about the new CVS and project page. The old CVS on is closed in order to avoid wasting efforts. Please join the SourceForge team! Thanks in advance. Project site is now:

This is a quick page I've put so far that shows the progress of the project that has the goal to translate Star Control 2 to Russian language.

I wrote a small program that can be used to convert PNG files that makes a font together into a single PNG file with a grid of characters.
Here you can download it;
I've used it under Linux but it should be not a big deal to compile it under any other OS on which libpng works.

And here you can read some worknotes (in Russian) on the translation process.

Also we have set up a CVS server for this project, you can get the most recent files by using the following command:

cvs -d checkout sc2-ru

Here are the fonts I've converted so far (best viewed downloaded and magnified in something like GIMP or PhotoShop because the font background is transparent):
Arilou Star Base Commander Melnorm Druuge
Spathi Chmmr Ilwrath Mycon
Green Ur-Quan Black Ur-Quan Slyhome Slyland
Orz Pkunk Shofixti Supox
Syreen Talking Pet Thraddash Umgah
Utwig Vux Yehat ZoqFot

Lander Micro Player Starcon
Tiny Victory